Continuation Training

Our Continuation Training Program provides the opportunity for experienced team members to develop their pre-hospital skills to an advanced level in order to operate as a Clinical Team Lead and/or Subspecialty PHEM Consultant within the team. As the senior medical provider, the Clinical Team Lead will have overall responsibility for the clinical care provided by their team members.


Our Continuation Training program is mapped against the IBTPHEM Phase 2 curriculum and is divided into 4 phases:


  1. Advanced (Level 6) Skills Training
  2. Clinical Team Lead Sign Off
  3. Enhanced (Level 7/8) Skills Training & Accreditation
  4. Subspecialty PHEM Training

Advanced Skills Training


Team Members that have successfully passed the DIMC examination may choose to complete additional advanced skills training in order to be considered for the role of Clinical Team Lead.


These competencies include surgical airway, simple thoracostomy, mechanical ventilation, pre-hospital sedation and advanced analgesia, and Major Incident Management.


Once competence has been demonstrated aspiring Clinical Team Leads can volunteer to undertake a Clinical Lead Sign Off shift.


Clinical Team Lead Sign Off


All prospective CARE Team Clinical Team Leads must undertake a Sign-Off shift with the Clinical Director. Successful Sign-Off confers Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care level 6 (advanced) PHEM provider (Skill competence level H) equivalence and allows the Team member to operate in the role of Clinical Team Lead.


Continuation Training for Level 7/8 PHEM Providers