Development Training

Our Team Members deploy alongside our Clinical Lead Practitioners to provide Clinical Support and/or Vehicle Command. They are expected to continue to expand their pre-hospital knowledge and practical skills through further training and operational experience during their time with the Team.

Our Development Training program is aligned to the IBTPHEM Phase 1b curriculum and is designed to prepare our members to pass the Diploma in Immediate Medical Care Examination (DIMC) provided by the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh.

Education forms an integral part of the daily routine with daily moulage, case review, and on-shift training. Additional programmed educational sessions will be provided throughout the year, and include specific preparatory training for those wishing to sit the DIMC RCSEdin.

Successful completion of the DIMC examination confers FPHC Level 5 PHEM practitioner status (FPHC Skill Competence Level G) to the team member and is the gateway to becoming a Clinical Lead within the team.