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What Is Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine? - West Midlands CARE Team


The West Midlands CARE Team is a charity-funded Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine (PHEM) service that provides clinical support for the West Midlands Ambulance Service.


But just what is Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine, and why is it so important?


‘Pre-Hospital Care’ is the term given to the provision of any medical care outside of the hospital or fixed healthcare setting. In the UK, the provision of prehospital care is the responsibility of a regional ambulance service. A number of agencies may operate in support of the ambulance service in delivering pre-hospital care including rescue organisations (e.g. mountain rescue services) ambulances), voluntary aid societies (e.g. the Red Cross) and Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine (PHEM) services.


‘Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine’ is a specialist field within Pre-Hospital Care that relates to the provision of safe pre-hospital critical care and safe transfer to hospital. PHEM services exist to provide an additional layer of clinical capability and expertise that was previously only available in the hospital for those patients with serious illness or injury. There are a number of PHEM services in operation across the West Midlands; the West Midlands CARE Team is one such service.


The West Midlands CARE Team operates predominantly in the Birmingham and Black Country area but may be called to assist further afield at the request of the ambulance service. PHEM requires a team approach and team members may be drawn from a variety of professions including nurses, paramedics and doctors.


PHEM services may be called upon to manage a wide range of conditions. The most common requests for support for the West Midlands CARE team are for cases of Cardiac Arrest, Road Traffic Accidents, stabbings and falls from a height.


PHEM teams are able to deploy advanced diagnostic tools such as Pre-hospital ultrasound and deliver advanced medical treatments such as prehospital sedation, anaesthesia, and emergency roadside surgery.


Every year, pre-hospital emergency medicine services save countless lives, and the support they provide to the busy and overstretched ambulance service is invaluable.


To support the WM CARE Team today, please text WMCT11 £2 to 70070, or visit our JustGiving page: