Mr Richard Steyn

Mr Richard Steyn is a Consultant Thoracic Surgeon and Associate Medical Director at Surgery at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital. He is a Pre-hospital Immediate Care Doctor. Mr Steyn’s interest in trauma extends back prior to his surgical training when as a rural general practitioner he would be called to the scene and then follow the patient through their care back to rehabilitation into the community. This trauma interest has extended through his surgical training in Aberdeen, Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham and into his consultant practice. He continues to actively support the ambulance service providing care on scene and during transit and is also the immediate past chairman of the British Association for Immediate Care.

After appointment as a consultant, he was heavily involved in promoting better management of chest injuries not only in his own hospital but also the surrounding hospitals through development of protocols, educational courses and lectures and the provision of outreach input into hot cases. Mr Steyn was involved in the DH working groups on trauma that led to the development of Major Trauma Networks. He remains committed to the teaching and education in trauma for future generations of surgeons and other clinicians.

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